Microba - Sewage Treatment

Beneficial micro-organisms that improve the waste quality of the environment

Microba is a mixed culture of beneficial micro-organisms (primarily photosynthetic and lactic acid bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes and fermenting fungi) that can be applied as an inoculant to increase the microbial diversity of environments this in turn can improve the waste quality and health of environments.


  • Non hazardous ingredients present
  • Non explosives
  • Odor control tool
  • Locally manufactured
  • Beneficial to humans, animals and plants
  • Healthy and productive operations, eliminating toxics


  • Minimize the environmental footprint, using innovative practices to prevent harmful effects of your operations on the environment and is concentrate to remediate sewerage pollution.
  • Phytotrophic bacteria help with the uptake of nutrient of plants.
  • The function of Microba is to increase the breakdown process of sewage there by reducing the sludge generated.


  • Pit latrines
  • Manure handling pits
  • Abattoir waste water
  • Industrial waste
  • Intensive farming conditions
  • Irrigation purposes of food producing crops or vegetables
  • Nursery irrigation systems
  • Instant lawn enterprise

    Microba S concentrate

  • concentration level: 1.6 * 1011 per ml
  • Application rate: 50ml per 1000lt or half full pit latrine,
    dosed monthly

    Microba sewer concentrate

  • Concentration level: 2.9 * 1014 per ml
  • Application rate: 1:500000kg waste

Before sewage pollution

Before sewage pollution

After sewage pollution

after sewage pollution

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